ATOM: The future is now

Technology powering revenue cycle optimization

Tech-enabled RCM Solutions

ATOM is Advantum Health’s innovative and proprietary software platform that serves as the technology backbone for our experienced RCM team. ATOM — Analytical, Tactical, Operational Management — was initially created as an internal tool for our front-line staff and development team. Today, ATOM is an integrated and revolutionary suite of applications that streamline workflows, improve accuracy and efficiency and deliver actionable insight and transparent, real-time updates to our clients.

Our platform is simple, efficient, secure, scalable and continually expanding and improving.

Technological Advantage

ATOM translates Advantum’s expertise into a technological advantage, turbocharging revenue cycle optimization for our clients. With ATOM powering a stellar stable of services and delivering top-notch performance, you can rest assured that healthcare’s leading RCM management company is on your side.

ATOM Features

Holistic, tech-enabled service
Single ecosystem
AI machine learning
Predictive analytics
Modular and customizable tools
Smart workflows
Overlay on current platform—ATOM
works with existing PMS solutions
Technology agnostic
Industry & internal benchmarking
Real-time status
Tableau dashboard

ATOM Benefits

ATOM provides better workflows for better provider outcomes. Technology-driven revenue cycle management optimization is here… and its name is ATOM. Our clients experience faster payment velocity and turnaround time, higher KPIs and risk scores, transparent communication and seamless workflow.


  • Reduced Denials

  • Faster Claim Filing

  • Better Net Collections

  • Reduced AR

  • Faster Appeals

  • Transparency & Analytics

  • Better processes to win in the market

ATOM Applications

The ATOM platform is both modular and customizable enabling you to get, and only pay for, the  services you actually need. We’re continually innovating, adding new features and solution sets to the platform as our tech team develops them.


  • Workflow

  • Denial Management

  • Prior Authorization

  • Quality Assurance

  • Charge Entry

  • Reporting

  • Contract Analysis

Automation & Machine Learning

ATOM is a powerful tool that leverages automation and machine learning to amplify the quality of our services. Automation of repetitive, high-volume, rule-based processes enables staff to focus on higher-value tasks. ATOM gets smarter over time. The more data that’s entered into the system, the more accurately and quickly ATOM is able to determine the likelihood of claim payment or denial.


Turbo Charged Results

  • Improved payment velocity and turnaround time
  • Boosted KPIs and risk scores
  • Transparent communication
  • Seamless workflow

Business Intelligence

Providers get full visibility into the health of their revenue cycle with ATOM. Real-time status updates and reports combined with advanced predictive analytics give providers a much deeper understanding of where their practice stands at any given moment in time so they can take proactive RCM optimization measures. Additionally, ATOM enables providers to not only benchmark their progress internally, but across the industry.

Integrations & Deployment

ATOM functions as an integrated overlay that works with your existing practice management solution as a single ecosystem. It delivers two-way communication ensuring that your system of record stays current and accurate. Best of all, ATOM’s holistic service enhancement leverages your data as the source of truth, requiring minimal direct intervention by your team. In fact, it’s so efficient and simple for users that no training is required.